Become a Catalyst of Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution, Now!!!

Certification course is now open.


A 10-month course to Strengthen and Amplified your most Powerful, Confident and Evolved Self.


You can Be the Catalyst of growth and Impact Confidently other people’s lives.

From May 15th until March 27th 2022.

Do you feel you are being called to activate your potential for fulfillment?

Help them in their transformation and evolution towards new energy levels?

Empower them to decide and act on their goals and visions?

Expand their strengths, self-worth, self-assurance, and have reliable relationships?

Develop and support new forms of leadership, impact, and cooperation on the planet?

Are you interested in pursuing your mission, in activating and expanding Self-esteem and Confidence Evolution in the world through an Innovative Method and attaining financial freedom?

The Certification as a Catalyst of Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution will give you this and more.

It will expand and transform your life and those with whom you will interact.

What is Self-esteem and Confidence Evolution?

An awareness of the value of self and of its potential to be fully realized in the world.

What is the Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution Method?

A Specialized Course in one-on-one sessions, so that you, as a Catalyst, empower every person with whom you will collaborate to develop self-esteem and confidence, self-worth, self-assurance and power to accomplish goals, vision and leadership, expanding consciousness, using the “Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution Method”.

What is a Catalyst?

A Catalyst is the person who energizes the “Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution Method “, who activates and sets energy, processes or activities in motion. Catalysts have drive, potential and strength and want to optimize these skills by using this method in their life and the lives of others.

Fulfill Your Life Purpose Doing What You Love and Build a Prosperous Career as a Certified Catalyst of the “Self Esteem and Confidence Evolution Method”, created by Susana Cor de Rosa, Internationally Recognized Speaker, Therapist and Writer.

This Method is important to you and to all those you serve because there is not a single moment when we can forgo Self-esteem and Confidence.

Why Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution?

  • At each stage of one’s life, it is necessary to update one’s self-esteem and confidence, which does not have the same level at 7, 23, 38 or 54 years of age.
  • For the growth of one’s professional career, it is necessary to develop and sustain one’s value, confidence and abilities, essential skills to lead, manage people, achieve goals or even change jobs.
  • Within one’s family, the energy of respect, value, and trust can be on different, uneven levels and Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution can strengthen connection, appreciation and mutual growth.
  • Each day, we are presented with more stimuli, challenges and opportunities that we want to embrace. And to be winners in life, we have to use intuition, empathy and courage.
  • Because you want to reinvent your identity, be connected to your essence and have an impact on the world.
  • You want to explore, understand and practice the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of self-esteem and Confidence Evolution, on personal, familial, professional, financial, local and planetary levels.
  • Because trust is a fundamental value and an essential component of personal, group, national, global and universal identities and it is time to integrate and interact with the cosmic cycle of Confidence Evolution.

I believe that the fact that you are here reading this page has a purpose and that we have something in common. I feel that this information resonates within your heart and that you are willing to grow towards new levels of self-esteem, understanding, commitment, leadership, confidence and powerful actions to live your mission, becoming a Catalyst of Self-Esteem and Trust Certificate in “Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution Method “.

Where you are in life is related to you and your circumstances:

Who you think you are.

What you think and feel possible.

To what and to whom you give power.

What you think and believe you are capable of.

Expectations and fears you have had.

Judging yourself and feeling that you do not deserve to realize your dreams.

Thinking that reality is material rather than a result of your states of consciousness.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to transcend our perspectives and expectations, to reinvent our identity and create new possibilities and opportunities.

Experiencing Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution and being a Certified Catalyst of the Method will revolutionize your life.

Numerous studies prove the existence of a relationship between personal and professional dissatisfaction. 

Many people today feel overwhelmed, disoriented, insecure, unsatisfied, sick, unmotivated or unenergized because they are not living their life purpose. They are misaligned, distant from themselves … They do not know, ignore and do not use the code of self-esteem and trust that allows them to access internal and external resources to evolve. Have you ever felt this way?

I felt this way and for many years. I worked in the medical sector but it did not fulfill me; I graduated from Law school and was a practicing attorney, which I liked very much, but I felt a lot of stress, dissatisfaction and a constant feeling that I was not living out my life purpose. It was as if a part of me was absent, lost, sometimes feeling energetically drained and unfulfilled. Even when I made more money and received more recognition, an inner tension prevented me from fully living my dreams and fully loving myself. There was an inner call that needed to be heard and trusted. Trust was what I needed most to allow something bigger and more profound to emerge within me in order to help others, heal, empower, teach, and contribute to the community and the planet.

For 19 years I have worked internationally as a world mentor of Unified Quantum Healing, giving workshops, retreats and meeting people in consultation. I am a specialist in healing and personal and spiritual transformation. I have helped thousands of people in Europe, Africa and the Americas to revolutionize their lives, know and heal themselves, and succeed in living their life’s mission.

What I have observed in my practice is that more than 60% of people who experience psychosomatic illnesses such as depression, stomach and skin problems, back pain, diseases of the immune system and even cancer, etc., as a rule, have unresolved self-esteem and trust issues. The mind-body connection is scientifically proven; i.e. how the states of mind and emotion influence the body and can result in disease. There is a relationship between lack of self-esteem and confidence and illness. Adults, adolescents, children and the elderly are affected.

Register here. Enrollment until May 10th by email or by phone.

I also noticed that the lack of self-esteem and confidence affect more than 70% of people and that, at some moment or at various times in their lives they feel devalued, unable to express themselves, not heard or understood, lethargic, lost, frustrated, unmotivated, unacknowledged, broken, uncaring, afraid, sick, unsafe, procrastinating, delaying their lives, making bad decisions, in unhealthy relationships, giving up their power to circumstances or other people, feeling socially excluded, indecisive and hopeless. Is this familiar to you? I’m sure you know someone under these conditions. There are millions of people in this state.

It´s urgent to intervene, and you can there, ready to accompany, empower and activate people so they can truly live.

Have you ever wondered that you have the power to help people live with Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution?

You can teach them: to be aligned and stop thinking and feeling small.

To be visible and have the power to decide and take action.

To know who they are and what their purpose is in life.

To discover what their talent and genius and how to shine.

To build reliable relationships that bring success and abundance.

To express their creativity, beauty, talents, authenticity and have an impact in the world.

To increase people's potential and strengths so that they can manifest their vision.

To make them consciously evolve to new levels of energy.

And you can be radiant, accomplished, and confident to do what you love through this Method.

You can develop the know-how, the right mental attitude, the right tools and techniques and the emotional and spiritual conviction to act and ultimately become a Self-Esteem and Trust Catalyst certified in the Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution Method.

You are the person for whom this Course/Certification is intended because:

  • For you, people are valuable and they naturally seek you when they have a problem to solve, namely issues of self-esteem, health, profession, love, self-confidence or finances.

  • You want to professionally change the course of your life and feel a call to help people, contribute to good, have a role in transformation and healing, be a force for social and organizational change.

  • You may already be successful in your current career, but you deeply feel that you have to make a greater difference by helping people realize their full potential as human beings, to transform and trust in them and in life.

  • You are a leader and you want to raise your skills at this level, elevate the potential and energy of people so that they can manifest a common vision, and also create empathy and use intuition.

  • You are a therapist, teacher, coach, social worker, psychologist, physician, lawyer, businessperson, etc., and you want to expand yourself, get to know yourself more intimately, experience powerful transformation practices through this Method, and with this Method help your customers, while you significantly increasing your income.

  • You know that your highest potential is to help others, be part of teams and organizations, and have a desire to optimize the talents of your team or community.

  • You want to grow personally and spiritually, you are 100% focused on your transformation, and you want to actualize your potential in all areas, learn and practice techniques and processes, and have a mentor to guide your progress. You want to be in a group environment, surrounded by positive, committed people, focused on a similar goal that supports you and will catapult you to the success you so desire.

  • If your preferred environment is networking and you want to connect more people and grow with them, you will give them opportunities for achievement that they never imagined.

  • You are a pioneer and want to expand people’s awareness wherever you are.

  • If any of these phrases resonate with you are in the right place.

ou will become a Specialist in this Method, to be able to help others in their transformation, to be leaders of their lives, to love, heal, trust, accomplish goals, be inspired, be visible and have more meaningful lives.

It is a rare opportunity to take this Specialization Course and its Certification; This is an elite course to train and qualify individuals, offering them knowledge, techniques, tools, understanding, vision and wisdom in a powerful methodology that works and provides excellent results.

I will personally teach the course and certify you in the “Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution Method”.

How the Specialization Course in the “Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution Method” Will Work

May 15th, 2022 (10 months)

Beginning: May, 15th. Ending: March 27th 2022.

Duration: 10 months (2 weeks holiday from 15 to 31 August, online classes up to 15th of August)

Hourly load: 180 hours, distributed as follows:

80h online; 40 Live Video sessions, via Zoom, 2 hours 2x per week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 9.30 AM  to 11.30 AM (USA Pacific Time) / 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM Lisbon Time. If for some reason you cannot attend, classes will be recorded and available to listen/watch.

100h distributed in this way: 4 weekends, 72h. One weekend every 2 months and a half, approximately. All day classes. A Retreat of 3 days, 28h. Confirmation for the weekends and retreat days, will be available soon.

Anyone in another country can be on classes by Zoom on weekends. Retreat is mandatory.

The course will be conducted in English.

By becoming a Certified Catalyst in the Method you will:

Begin, or reshape, your career of self-esteem and Confidence Evolution success. You will be a driving force for emotional, mental and spiritual transformation, success and abundance.

Create and increase your income using the Method with your customers.

You will Feel and Experience:

Deep satisfaction and personal fulfillment for contributing to the lives of others.

A steady growth in your own life by using the teachings, techniques and experiences of the methodology.

Reliance on your own value, talents, resources, strengths and methodology.

Flexibility, autonomy and freedom to work anywhere in the world, work at your own pace, at the times you want and with as many clients as you want.

Be visible as a leader in the world and create deeply positive transformations in the lives of those you work with and in the community.

A deep spiritual connection and ability to collaborate in partnership with the Universe.

The conviction that you possess something of great value and that it is extremely useful and important to share and contribute positively to each people’s lives.

Firmness, autonomy and initiative to achieve your goals and help others to succeed.

Expand energy, capabilities, power, initiative and excellent results in managing people, families, friends, communities.

Be integrated into a community of dedicated, compassionate, wise entrepreneurs and Catalysts who help one another.

Enrollment until the May 10 by email or by phone.

After completing the Course you will receive your Certificate as a Catalyst and:

You will be fully empowered to be a Catalyst of the Method of Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution and apply it universally in your relationship with the world and with others.

You may use the Method logo on your personal cards and promotional activities, always respecting copyrights, ethics, Method, honesty, competence, excellence and contentment in all your activities.

The Certificate of Method is personal, non – transferable, throughout your life, and you are enabled to practice the “Self-Esteem Method and Confidence Evolution” with anyone, individually.

Two years after the completion of the Course, to renew your Certification you need to pay € 150 per year and you are entitled to a weekend workshop on relearning techniques and their respective updates.

Course Program.

Course Program

In order for you to truly experience all the benefits of the Course, we have created an environment of experiential learning, carefully thought out so that you learn, internalize, practice and grow with the interactive contents, processes and practices of each module of the program. These circumstances will allow your essence to shine and affect the structures of your life whether in terms of relationships, professional life, finances, spirituality or community and help you become a catalyst for infinite possibilities of self-esteem and evolution of trust.

The program is distributed in 9 modules, 1 per month, which have a theoretical, interactive component between the participants and Susana Cor de Rosa, personal reflection, experience of processes and practices, either individually or between the elements of the Course and in some special cases with people outside the Course.

Module 1: Self-esteem; to bridge the gap between worlds - Be aware of your own evolution

Find out what Self-Esteem and its various components are.
The mental, emotional, and soul world of self-esteem and their relationships.
Understand the neuroscience of self-esteem and its connection to human progress.
Experience the difference between female and male energy and how they affect us.
Explore the keys to self-esteem in your day-to-day life.
Vibrate with the energy of conscientious empowerment, daily practice.
The first pillar of the Method.

Module 2: Trust in Movement - Be aware of your potential and capabilities.

Find out what confidence and its components are.
Understand the dimensions of trust and how you can connect to each of them.
Learn the neuroscience of confidence and why humans trust.
Discover the faces of relationships and the connection between confidence and power. How to expand in your relationships.
Explore the structures of confidence and power within you.
Access states of awareness of your potential and unique capabilities.
Practices of confidence and conscientious evolution.
The 2 pillar of the Method.

Module 3: Self-esteem and Confidence - Evolve beyond the old patterns of the past, making powerful choices.

Learn to explore your story and move, develop yourself beyond the game of criticism, shame and guilt.
Reorganize the drawers of body, emotion and mind and get out of the trance of old, restricting beliefs. Explore the energy of enthusiasm to generate a new commitment of confidence with you, to be visible and to experience passion for yourself and for life.
See yourself as a field of present and future possibilities and start living from the state of self-esteem and Confidence Evolution.
Be a source of confidence and inspiration for yourself and recognize how others extend these new ways of being to you.
Establish new rituals and ways of being visible; practices of self-confidence and charisma.
Expand your 3 power and relationship centers.
Energy Revitalization processes and practices.
The 3rd pillar of the Method.

Module 4: Embrace your new self and explore new territories of trust.

Discover your confidence maps, chart new routes and enter unknown territories to strengthen yourself.
The 7 levels of evolution that will awaken you to your purpose.
Know and use the hormones of confidence for your achievement.
Realize your unique value as a human being and establish new bonds from conscious self-worth.
Make bridges of confidence to rebuild the relationships you want.
Learn to become resilient and secure in the presence of disillusionment, losses and delays, tapping into your quantum potentials for clarity, conviction and power and become unstoppable in the world.
Processes and practices of neuro-emotional transformation and energy revitalization.
The 4th Pillar of the Method.

Module 5: The power to put into practice your connection with the field of Confidence - Authentic practices of transformation.

Connect with the Confidence field and fall in love with yourself.
Activate your presence consciously and use the evolutionary tape measure.
Learn how to listen yourself and others so you can trust and be trustworthy.
Be authentic and connect deeply with yourself and your interlocutor and become aware of the opportunities you may experience.
Discover the most important elements in communication and establish new ways to collaborate, contribute and build trustworthiness.
Learn how to ask empowering questions and how to direct energy to action.
Exercises of tuning-in and authenticity. Meditation. Mentoring.
The 5th pillar of the Method.

Module 6: Live courageously and express authenticity.

Learn to confidently express strengths and vulnerabilities as a way to live the full spectrum of your light.
Realize that the person you most want is already with you and release your creative and entrepreneurial potential.
Experience a deep acceptance of your body as a creative and expressive instrument of your self and radiate confidence.
Access the energy of courage in the human journey and how to be the hero in your life. Deliberately be the person you always wanted to be and build the life that you came here to live.
Build loving and professional relationships from your adult and evolved self and make successful partnerships.
Cure methods and processes; neurogenesis, energy revitalization. Inner value and quantum creativity.
The 6th pillar of the Method.

Module 7: The languages of confidence in transformation and healing.

Become actively aware of how you communicate with the field of confidence.
Strengthen emotional positivity and gain muscles of appreciation and self-confidence.
Learn how to talk to the field of confidence before each session and with your clients.
Experience the foundations of self-healing.
Experience the physiology of healing and confidence in yourself and in the sessions that you will give to your clients.
Practice the habits of confidence to expand your energy and focus and be able to teach them to your clients in your sessions.
Super foods for self-esteem and Confidence Evolution.
The 7th pillar of the method.

Module 8: Confidence and Inspiring Leadership.

Trust in who you are; intuition and inspiration.
What is leadership?; lead yourself first as a center of energy and consciousness.
Establish the connection, the art of linking to the invisible, timeless and omniscient.
Learn the 16 senses and realize how to observe the full spectrum of information and color in your life.
Experience intuition, empathy and telepathic communication on a deep level.
Experience your connection and get in touch with the 5 states of consciousness.
Update your attention potential and your levels of attention to accomplish more and better. Understand who are evolutionary leaders and what new skills they have.
Understand yourself as integrally connected to the whole and as the common point of human history.
Expand your energy to the level of social and consciential entrepreneurship.
Become an inspiring leader and the 5 C’s of confident awareness.
Techniques of Confidence Evolution, awareness and global impact.

Module 9: The states of flow and confidence, processes of healing and elevation.

Experience states of unified consciousness.
Interlink body, emotions, mind and soul in the processes of transformation.
Experience healing as a natural state and how to be an instrument to others.
Explore the energy of the organs of trust.
Perform self-esteem and Confidence Evolution protocols.
Learn and practice the practices of Confidence Evolution with security and enthusiasm.
Your 9-week consciential challenge.


Are there any prerequisites for attending the Certification Course?

No. Most important is your decision, participation and commitment in the Specialization Course. Whatever your starting point, for example, nurse, mother, therapist, commercial, chiropractor, leader, coach, teacher, reiki master, psychologist, social worker, engineer, banking, police, manager, unemployed, visionary, etc. You are welcome.

This Certification is designed to teach you everything you need, to expand yourself in this area and to train you to be competent, secure and confident in the methodology. You will be equipped with the knowledge, tools and practices to help people to transform, to heal themselves by releasing blockages, to rebuild and expand their value, motivation, autonomy, self-confidence, commitment, and energy to lead their lives with new levels of awareness and to shine.

I am abroad and I do not know if I can attend the classes in person?

You can participate by Skype / Zoom to attend classes, ask questions, and clarify doubts. In practical classes you will practice the protocols and modalities of transformation and healing. You will have to practice with family, friends and other people to develop your skills. The Retreat in January is mandatory.

Can I work in this as a part-time job?

Yes, of course. You can choose to work when and where you want; it depends on your goals, values, availability, etc. You have complete freedom and flexibility to do so.

Do I need an office to meet/receive my clients?

Not necessarily. A physical space can be useful for your practice but you can make sessions by Skype, by phone, Whats app, Zoom, etc. You can do the sessions at home, in an office or even outdoors, as long as you have privacy and are centered.

I'm really busy, will I be able to take the Course?

What you need is to book this time for yourself. Focus on one day at a time, your mission, and who you will become and help through this Course and Certification.

Is the organization responsible for arranging clients after the Course?

No. We will enroll you in a directory of Catalysts; however it is your responsibility to create your list of customers and increase it. You have the skills, confidence and talents to do this.

Returns and Transfers:

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise and that you may change your plans for participation in the Course. The amounts paid may be refunded, except for the registration fee (497€), and if you tell us until May 10th.

Attention: The amounts paid after the start of the Course are due from the enrollment act whether or not you participate in the classes, complete all the hours, modules, protocols, practices and verification of knowledge and everything related to the Course. The amounts paid will be channeled to other trainings and may be used by the person at any time.

About the Author of the “Self-Esteem and Confidence Evolution Method”:

Susana Cor de Rosa has helped thousands of people to heal health issues, to know themselves, to have success and live empowering lives. For the last 20 years she has been a mentor of Unified Quantum Healing and a therapist in the area of energy healing, giving training on: Unified Quantum Healing, Healthy Relationships, Infinite Force, Subtle DNA Activation, Confidence, among others. She has been internationally recognized for her work particularly in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Susana is also the author of 4 books “Who We Are: The Code of Creation” “The Wisdom of Infinite Possibilities”, “The Land of Everything is Possible” and “The Way of Origin” available on Amazon, and of “Infinite Force” a five week Meditation Program.

To know more about the author please visit


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